The Drama Department is a living, breathing organism at Ampleforth. A flurry with actors, directors, dancers, technicians, stage managers, artists and academics, there is something for everybody here. 

We have a strong tradition of outstanding Drama at Ampleforth and as we grow, so does our ambition.  Those who wish to pursue a career in the arts, as well as those who thrive on the academic rigour of analysing and exploring texts, are invited to study IGCSE Drama and A Level Drama & Theatre (AQA): lessons are fast-paced, exciting and challenging in our performance studio black box.  Students who enjoy the thrill of performing on stage (or back stage) in large-scale productions will always find a role to suit them in one of our many shows each year, whether it be a musical, a studio performance, Shakespeare or a contemporary physical theatre piece - there's something for everyone.

We also offer private Dance and LAMDA lessons for students who want to stretch themselves further.  In Dance, students are trained by our specialist Dance teacher to refine their movement and discover their forte - ballet, jazz, modern, ballroom, swing, the possibilities are endless! While in LAMDA lessons, our speech and drama coach builds students' confidence, perfects their elocution and stretches their physical creativity. Both Dance and LAMDA offer examination routes, providing students with further UCAS points and certificates to show their commitment and hard work.

Aims of the Department: 

The Drama Department’s aims are multifaceted and tailored to the needs of the individual student.  As a foundation, we aim to provide students with the confidence they need to speak publicly, work as a team, think creatively and have confidence in their vision, no matter what career path they choose to follow.  We also feel passionately about exposing students to a wide variety of cultural experiences, be it as a performer, technician or spectator. These two aims are achieved through our introductory Year Nine curricular classes and a wide co-curricular programme, which includes a range of school plays and musicals, collaborations with other departments, trips to the theatre and London, visits from world renowned practitioners and the Green Room activity.