This award seeks to promote the able, gifted and talented students who contribute to the holistic ethos of Ampleforth College. Developing these students is key to allowing Ampleforth to be a community “where the strong have something to yearn for and the weak have nothing to run from.”

The Basil Hume Scholarship is awarded to students who display excellence in art, computer science, dance, music, design & technology, sport or theatre. Applicants can apply for assessment in one or two areas and if successful can be awarded one or two scholarships. (Some applicants may enter for two disciplines but only be awarded one scholarship.) 

Every year, two candidates who have demonstrated a genuine commitment to the extra-curricular life and ethos of their current school will be awarded an All-Rounder Scholarship. This award is decided by the Head. 

Art Excellence

The ideal candidate would be able to demonstrate:

  • the ability to observe and translate colour, tone, shape and form (including from life)
  • evidence of exploration of a wide range of media, materials, techniques and processes
  • sophisticated refinement to paintings and drawings
  • the ability to critique and discuss artworks.

Computer Science 

The ideal candidate will: 

  • hold a keen interest in programming
  • have excellent logic and problem solving skills
  • be able to share their interest with other students 
  • be considering a future career in Computer Science 

Design & Technology Excellence

The ideal candidate would be able to demonstrate:

  • creativity, initiative and problem solving skills
  • sketching and other visual communication skills (including CAD)
  • technical understanding of man-made objects.

Music Excellence

The ideal candidate would be able to:

  • play one instrument to an approximate standard of ABRSM Grade 5
  • play two instruments to an approximate standard of ABRSM Grade 3.
    (Both instruments and/or voice)

Sporting Excellence

The ideal candidate would be able to:

  • demonstrate a high level of competency within the following fields:
    • attitude and coachability 
    • technical skills in attack and defence
    • tactical understanding                               
    • game play  
  • ideally represent at county standard or above
  • offer supporting evidence in the form of a supporting portfolio and or sporting CV.

Theatre Excellence

The ideal candidate would be able to demonstrate:

  • the ability to take on a character quickly
  • good sight reading skills
  • the ability to give feedback on acting skills and what is effective for an audience
  • use of basic theatre terminology to demonstrate knowledge
  • past experience - passion and interest
  • a willingness to be involved in a production in many different ways, not just as a main part.


Scholarship AwardDate of ScholarshipClosing date for Applications Closing date for Bursary Applications 
13+ Basil Hume Wednesday 24 to Thursday 25 February 2021Monday 30 November 2020Thursday 31 December 2020

Please contact the Admissions Office on 01439 766863 or email if you have a query.  Thank you.


The scholarship application fee is £50. For more information about payment, please click here