Academic scholarships are awarded each year to candidates who display the expected intellectual interest and achieve the required marks in the scholarship exams.
Scholarships are awarded for entry at 11+, 13+ and 16+, through scholarship examinations taken prior to entry to the College.
During Covid-19, it is likely that most scholarships for entry in 2021 will be sat remotely, and the Registrar will contact applicants’ families to discuss arrangements.

11+ Scholarships

Candidates sit the entrance test for 11+ students. Highest scoring candidates will sit papers in maths and English and be invited to an interview with senior members of staff.

13+ Scholarships

Candidates sit the Ampleforth Academic Scholarship exam at the end of February of Year 8. The assessment process will include a discursive essay, a maths paper, reasoning tests and an interview.

Because of Covid-19 regulations,  the examinations will be conducted online, and the Registrar will be in touch with candidates' schools to discuss arrangements. 

Further details are available from the Registrar, and in all instances advice should be sought from candidates’ current schools. A reference will be required in advance of the scholarship exam.

16+ Scholarships

Candidates for Sixth Form Scholarships sit examinations held at Ampleforth during November. Full details of the format and specimen papers may be downloaded from the website and further advice be obtained from the Registrar.

The Examination

There will be one three-hour paper, comprising four questions. There is one compulsory question taken from the general section, and any three further questions taken from any of the subject-specific sections. The subjects and questions chosen by candidates do not commit them to studying the same subjects in the Sixth Form. Therefore, they should choose questions from subjects that will allow them to present their current academic talent in its best light. There are no oral examinations in Modern Languages.

Internal Nominations whilst at the College

Each Autumn Term tutors will nominate suitable students to be considered for the award of the status of full academic scholar. Students need to have attended the college for at least one full academic year to be eligible.

Academic Scholarship Opportunities

Scholars benefit from scholars’ tutorials and a programme of evening workshops and lectures. They will be expected to take advantage of extension in the classroom and participate in the wider academic life of the school (such as completing prize essays, joining academic societies etc.). In the Sixth Form there will be a scholars’ celebration held in the Lent or summer term. The Head of Academic Scholars, Mr Francis Goodburn, will also oversee their progress in addition to their tutor.

Conditions for retention of academic scholar status

1. To remain in the top 20% of the year group by academic performance.

2. To receive at least three Heads’ commendations per academic year.

3. Not to commit any serious breach of discipline.

4. Scholarships are only tenable until the next assessment point, e.g. Year 7 scholarships are tenable for Year 7 and Year 8, and students must reapply for a Year 9 scholarship.


Scholarship AwardDate of ScholarshipClosing date for ApplicationsClosing date for Bursary Applications
11+ Academic Saturday 23 January 2021Thursday 31 December 2020Thursday 31 December 2020
13+ Academic 

Tuesday 23 to Wednesday 24 February 2021

Monday 30 November 2020Thursday 31 December 2020
16+ Academic Friday 27 November 2020Saturday 31 October 2020Saturday 31 October 2020


The scholarship application fee is £50. More information about payments can be found here