Guidance on Bursaries to Ampleforth College
  • All bursary applications have to show that financial assistance with the payment of fees is needed.
  • Each year the need of applicants exceeds the funds we have for bursaries.  It is therefore expected that all applicants will have also made every effort to find support from Educational Trust Funds (contacts are given below).
  • In attempting to reach fair and just decisions, we keep in mind the charitable aims of Ampleforth and make judgements about those who will most benefit and flourish within the community of the school.
  • Hard and sometimes indeed, heartbreaking, decisions have to be made.
  • New bursary applications are considered each year and decisions are usually made in March for students entering the school in the following September. It may be possible to give very general indications in advance, but these cannot be taken as assurances.
  • Once awarded each bursary is reviewed on an annual basis and parents are notified of the value of the award for the next academic year.
  • Bursary allocations are made after the scholarships are completed so that the committee can make their decisions based on a full knowledge of the applicants.
  • Further information about the procedures for the application and award of bursaries can be found in the College’s Bursary Policy  and in the Conditions of Award of Bursaries.

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