What does Ampleforth mean to me?

Set in over 2,000 acres of North Yorkshire countryside, Ampleforth College provides an environment where all children can flourish and go beyond their potential.  We encourage students to stretch themselves not only in the classroom, but in the myriad of activities that sit alongside and complement the academic curriculum. 

Over 80% of our students are full boarders, so during term-time Ampleforth College is their home. Life is as busy at weekends as it is during the week, with clubs, activities and sporting fixtures offering a wealth of opportunities for students to discover their talents and pursue their interests.  We offer over 50 extra-curricular activities, from outdoor pursuits including archery and fishing, to clubs and societies including the Land Rover Restoration Group, debating society and Combined Cadet Force, which provides students with the opportunity to develop their self-discipline and sense of responsibility.

Our teaching across all subject areas is excellent, but we focus on the outcome rather than the offering.  That goes beyond exam results.  We are concerned with the whole person who will one day leave our valley with what we call a ‘compass for life;’ a personal direction-finder that allows them always to hold onto their moral bearings. 

If you would like to learn more about what life is like here in the Ampleforth Valley, why not see below what Ampleforth means to Marcus, Lucy and Crispin, three of our talented students.  

''Really strong friendships develop throughout your time, by the end of it you've got lifelong friends''

''For me this place has been incredible, we are Amplefordians, that is very much who we are and that is something we're all very proud to be''

''Being at Ampleforth means many things, it allows you to succeed in anything you want to''

"Ampleforth is all about shaping people's personalities and trying new things"

" I really feel like I belong here"

"When I come here, it's almost like my second home"

If you would like to learn more about an Ampleforth education, why not join us for one of our Open Mornings?  Click here to learn more about our upcoming events.  We look forward to seeing you soon.