Da Vinci Decathlon - Wednesday 4 May 2022

The da Vinci Decathlon is an internationally recognised academic competition designed to challenge and stimulate the minds of school students. The challenge started as a local competition for Australian schools and since its inception in 2002, it has grown to be a global phenomenon, involving thousands of students from Years 5 to 11. 

This year's challenge at Ampleforth College will take place on Wednesday 4 May and is open to teams of eight, comprising of pupils from Years 7 and 8. The da Vinci Decathlon requires teamwork, originality, dedication, commitment and confidence to meet the 10 challenges in:

• Art & Poetry   
• Code Breaking   
• English   
• Creative Production  
• Philosophy/Ideation  
• Cartography   
• Mathematics & Chess  
• Engineering   
• Science    
• General Knowledge  

The theme for the 2022 da Vinci Decathlon is 'Space'. Teams will be asked to solve problems in all 10 areas, using each individual’s strengths to come together as a team. It is open to all abilities and is a fun and energetic way to stimulate learning. Students will find themselves doing work over and above their normal curriculum, and discover as a team that they can produce amazing results in a very short period of time. 

For more information about The da Vinci Decathlon, please click here.  

If you would like to enter a team for the Ampleforth College 2022 da Vinci Decathlon please email jayne.potter@ampleforth.org.uk by Friday 8 April 2022.

The day will begin at 8.30am and will finish at 5pm. For those schools travelling a longer distance, overnight accommodation can be arranged at the College on Tuesday 3 May. Please note that accommodation is limited and will be allocated on a first come, first served basis. Please mention this at the time of entering your team.