Ampleforth is a thread that is very easy to pick up.  

The relationships built whilst at school go far beyond the classroom.  The strength of community spirit can be seen on so many different levels, from the monastery through to the boarding houses, and lasts a lifetime beyond the valley.  Ampleforth College is a place where you make friends for life.  This is a lasting connection that cannot be easily explained, but is there amongst all our Old Amplefordians.  Students come back to this special place to celebrate milestones in their lives and to seek solace in times of need.  Ampleforth College offers something comforting and constant, a compass for life.  We believe this is unique.  It goes beyond educational excellence, and no other school can offer it.  Through the teachings of St Benedict we can provide people with a set of moral bearings that will guide them through the world beyond our valley.

Beyond life in the Valley, Ampleforth College has a thriving family network that keep in touch on a regular basis. The Ampleforth Society embraces all Old Amplefordians, parents and friends and provides a variety of opportunities to keep in touch, be it at informal drinks parties around the world, Old Amplefordian reunions and sporting club events or at the Ampleforth Society Weekend held every October in the valley.

Your connection with Ampleforth doesn't end when you leave the valley, you just embark on a different journey that will always be linked to this special place.  

To learn more about the Ampleforth family, please visit our Ampleforth Society website by clicking here.