An Ampleforth education is a “Compass for Life”.

Each individual’s unique talents are recognised and nurtured within a welcoming community rooted in Benedictine values. We educate the whole person, unlocking what they can contribute to the world and fulfilling their academic potential.

Set in a beautiful Yorkshire valley, we offer the breadth of opportunity for each student to discover and develop their interests and strengths. They learn how to think independently and have the confidence to lead, to work well with others and have the humility to serve.  

Equipped with the skills and mindset needed to flourish, Amplefordians are inspired to be caring and thoughtful citizens who make the right decisions in life.

Values and aims

Catholic education and Benedictine values underpin everything we do at Ampleforth Collee, whether a student or member of staff is Catholic or not. We believe that humanity is a gift that we receive through others and that our relationships unlock the unique potential in each person. Our values underpin our aims:

Respect: recognising and nurturing the unique talents of every individual and oneself, understanding that we grow and learn from our differences and are made a better person by each other.

Hospitality: committing to live in such a way as to be welcoming and open to all, and to invite people to experience living life more fully in our community.

Attentiveness: being sensitive to the needs of others as well as one’s own needs and supporting the mutual well-being of everyone in the community; wanting what is best for each other.

Equilibrium: nurturing the well-being and resilience of each individual and one’s own, and thereby of the community, to achieve mental and emotional balance and personal fulfilment.

Stewardship: cultivating a sense of responsibility and care for the people and the world around us, as well as oneself, to ensure our community and environment thrive.

Integrity: developing within ourselves strong principles, sound judgement, and the resilience needed to do the right thing.