The Year 12 serving the community: A residential week away from College in the summer term.

This opportunity is offered to the Year12 pupils during the final week of last summer term.

It is a week with a basis of prayer, living together in a community and volunteering in the community, which usually takes the form of painting and decorating in separate student led work groups. The groups are aided by young OAs who offer support and guidance to student leaders.

The group lives at Stanbrook Abbey, in Holiday lodges for the week and each day commutes in to York for the work organised by a Christian charity called Besom whose aim is to match people’s gifts with identified need in the community.
The emphasis of the work is quality over quantity, yet what is achieved materially each year is impressive. Students are faced with the realisation that right on our doorstep, people live in poverty through no fault of their own.

Our students invariably conduct themselves with humility and good grace, and find the project a powerful and moving experience. In Year 12 especially, the Chaplaincy endeavours to cultivate an understanding of the importance of service in leadership, as students approach their final year at the College. What better preparation for this than a week devoted explicitly to ora et labora in the service of our local community.