Morning Prayers

The morning starts with whole House prayers, led by the Housemistress/ Housemaster or Assistant Housemistress/Housemaster in the boarding House Chapel.

"Morning prayers are a lovely and peaceful way to start the day and a chance for the whole boarding house to come together" Johnny, St John's 



A good start to the working day is essential and we are delighted to offer a delicious and healthy breakfast for our students. On a morning they can enjoy a range of cereals, cooked meats, toast and pastries, fresh fruit, juice, tea and coffee. Breakfast is served in the refectories and it provides a perfect chance to socialise and start the day together with friends. 

Leaving for School

The first lesson of the day begins at 8:40am, giving pupils time to gather their books and prepare for class after breakfast. This is then followed by another lesson before break time.

"At Ampleforth your teachers really help you reach your full potential and flourish. I have gained confidence and learned so much in just my first year of being here in the valley" Clara, St Aidan's 

Break Time

After the morning’s lessons, there is a chance to go back to the boarding house for break time snacks. Tea, coffee and biscuits are served in the Main Hall for the Monitors in Year 13.

House Lunch

Lunch is the time for the House to regroup, catch up on the morning's events and enjoy a fulfilling lunch. As well as the varied and delicious hot meals throughout the week, there is also an additional salad bar, fresh bread and fresh fruit available. 

Quiet Time

After lunch there is time to work or read in the House before the afternoon’s activities start. House Tutors and staff are on hand to speak to, supervise and help.

"The boarding house is the perfect place to relax, catch up on some work and socialise with your friends. It's like a home away from home" Freddie, St John's 


The afternoon is a varied time for students and provides an opportunity to take a break from the classroom on several days of the week to participate in sport or a diverse range of activities, from LandRover Restoration Club to Archery, Cooking and many more. 



After games and the afternoon’s activities, it’s time to refuel. Tea and biscuits are served in the House before further activities or lessons in the late afternoon.

Activities & Supper

Free time or after school activities take place before a cafeteria supper in the evening, which is served in the refectory for the whole school. Free time provides a perfect chance for friends to relax and unwind after the busy day before prep begins.  

Prep Time

Evening check-in is followed by prep time. During prep, House Tutors are always on hand to help where needed. This provides the perfect environment to study, complete assignments and perhaps work on team projects together. 

Evening Prayers

The day ends with whole House prayers, Compline or Mass depending on the day of the week. This is taken by either the house Chaplain, the Housemistress/Housemaster or Assistant Housemistress/Housemaster. It is a peaceful way to conclude the day and bring the house together once again. 

"In the boarding house, you quickly begin to feel like you are with family and house prayers reinforces that feeling" Maud, St Margaret's  

Bed Time

After a long and full day, it’s time for a well-earned rest. Bed times differ for each year group with the older years having some free time to relax just before the lights go out.