Ukraine Appeal 2022

The Ampleforth community have launched a fundraising campaign to provide support for humanitarian aid relief in Ukraine through our student-led charity, FACE-FAW. All donations to FACE-FAW during our Ukraine Appeal will be made as a grant to Caritas Ukraine, to support their humanitarian work on the ground. 

As one community - students, parents, staff, alumni - we offer our prayers, our friendship and our fundraising efforts in solidarity with those in need. 

"We wanted to give to a charity that was already in place in Ukraine as they will be well-placed to distribute aid quickly and effectively" Mani, Year 13 

You can read more about the charity here: Caritas Ukraine

FACE-FAW stands for Friendship and Aid, Central and Eastern Europe, Friendship and Aid, the World. It is the name under which the students co-ordinate their charitable actions.

Our community has a history of offering support to victims of war. In 1940, our then Headmaster, Fr Paul Nevill, established a hostel in Oswaldkirk for boys who had escaped from Poland after the German invasion. During the Cold War, support was offered to persecuted Christians living under Communism and, in the 1990s, FACE-FAW launched a fundraising appeal for the Peoples of Bosnia-Herzegovina in response to the horrors that took place in the former Yugoslavia. 

More information on the fundraising activities for the Ukraine Appeal will follow shortly.

Please donate via the form below. Thank you for your support.

Ukraine Appeal 2022