Meet the Ampleforth Society Trustees 

Jeremy Deedes (W73)

Jeremy left Ampleforth in 1973. He spent much of his life in financial services before retiring in 2015. He now runs Living Money, a life and financial coaching and training business which has the Christian values and qualities he learnt at Ampleforth at its heart. He became a trustee of the Society in 2012 and was appointed Managing Trustee in 2015. He instigated the move to make the Society more inclusive by opening membership of the Society to parents, staff and friends, as well as OAs. Jeremy believes deeply in Ampleforth's Benedictine values and wants the Society to have a role in defending those values in an increasingly sceptical and secular world.
Jeremy lives and works near Ampleforth. He is married with one son, Alex, who left the College in 2015. He is a keen supporter of the Ampleforth Lourdes Pilgrimage. His first pilgrimage was in 1973 and he and Alex have been to Lourdes together every year since 2014.

David O'Kelly (C81)

I served for over twenty years in the Army (The Green Howards) leaving regular service in 2006; I have spent the time since as Regimental Secretary of The Yorkshire Regiment, based in York.  I am the son of an OA (Dick C43)and father of two OAs (Charlie C07 and Katie M10); there was also an uncle, four cousins and a brother in the school so I feel very much part of the Ampleforth family.  It is not surprising perhaps that I was married by a monk, Fr Walter, who also baptised both the children. It was the aforementioned uncle (Michael C45) who persuaded me to take over as Treasurer of the Society after he had held the post for 23 years! I am now extremely pleased that he did as I am enjoying being at the centre of much of what the AS does and offers. We are an organisation which is growing in importance and collectively we have a great to offer - to current students, the wider AS community and, critically right now, to the Abbey and School as they embark on a new chapter.
The range of activities which the Ampleforth Society supports, from career advice through to sporting and social occasions, is growing. We continue to offer significant bursaries to the school allowing more children who might not otherwise be able to, to enjoy the amazing benefits of a Catholic, Benedictine, Amplefordian education.  

Nick Channer (D81)

David was educated at Ampleforth and St Benet's Hall, Oxford where he read Modern History. His father went to Ampleforth and claims still to hold the Steeplechase record. Nick and Louise's 3 sons have also been to Ampleforth; the youngest (Tom) is now in his first year at St Benet's Hall where he is reading Near Eastern Studies - and is the last of a current stream of Channers who have all been in St Dunstan's. Nick has recently completed a full career in the Army and started a new role as Chief of Staff in a security services and construction logistics firm (Wilson James Ltd) - but settled in Coxwold and is thus placed to take up a role as an OA trustee.

Patrick Tolhurst (C99)

I left Ampleforth in 1999 having enjoyed 5 happy years in the valley. Like many Amplefordians, the friends I made during my time at Ampleforth are friendships that have lasted. I live and work in London (as a lawyer with my own practice) and I have three young children - the eldest has just started at school. In 2013 I was asked to become a trustee of the Ampleforth Society and have since helped change the way the Society is organised, establish the St Laurence Ethics Forum and co-ordinate the London branch of the Ampleforth Society. Ampleforth and those connected to Ampleforth are clearly navigating a difficult time. Despite this I am struck by the loyalty so many Amplefordians and parents have to the school, the Community and the wider Ampleforth family; there is much that people value about Ampleforth and the Ampleforth Community. In order to thrive in the 21st century this support of members of the Ampleforth Society will be more important than ever.