Brian Beveridge (A51)

We ask that you keep Brian Beveridge (A51) and his family in your prayers.

Brian Beveridge was the middle of five children, including Jim (D47, died 2005), Hugh (W55, died 2004) and Clare — who married Captain Jeremy Elwes (A39, died 1999); he was the uncle of Gervase (B73), Giles (B75), Robert (079) as well as John Beveridge (T82). Hugh Elwes (081) was his Godson and he was great uncle to Ludovico and Cosimo Beveridge, as well as Emily Elwes.  

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Brian was the last of that generation to move on and I’m so glad he hung around for a bit longer. When my father ,Jim , passed and I needed a reminder of a family issue of just simply to feel in his presence Brian was kind, generous and thoughtful and in his own amusing way always managed to bring him back to life with tale after tale. Safari Njema Uncle Brian.

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