4th November, 2017 19:00 - 23:00

A Celebration of Girls at Ampleforth

Ampleforth Reunion


Dear Old Girls of Ampleforth,

It gives me great pleasure to invite all Old Girls of Ampleforth to a reunion to celebrate more than 15 Years of Girls at the College with us on Saturday 4th November 2017. The event will take place at the Broadway London, 474-476 Fulham Road, London, SW6 1BY starting with a drinks reception at 7pm and dinner at 7.45pm.

Ticket price includes a drinks reception and a three course dinner. The dress for the evening is smart casual.

The invitation is extended to all girls who attended Ampleforth College, either before the school went fully co-educational, or after, so please book your place soon as places will fill up quickly.

Very best wishes,

Philippa Jalland (M13)

Ampleforth Society Coordinator

Ampleforth Abbey & College, York YO62 4EY


Confirmed Attendees:

Antonia Beary

Bridget Fergie (A04)

Sarah Lisowiec (A04)

Harriet Moore (A04)

Elizabeth Cullen (A04)

Charlotte Hodgson (A04)

Lucinda Thelwell (A05)

Lizzie Noel (A05)

Lucinda Lumley (A05)

Sophia Kaye (A05)

Joanna Staunton (A05)

Effie Lochrane (M06)

Sara Anderson (A09)

Emma Atkin-Brenninkmeyer (M09)

Martha Chambers (A10)

Anna Gargan (M10)

Katie O'Kelly (M10)

Emma Irven (M10)

Cecilia Nunn (A10)

Marina Thomas (A10)

Gennie Allcott (M10)

Eleanor Kramers (A10)

Bernadette Brenninkmeijer (B10)

Catherine Fallon (M10)

Carlota Brenninkmeijer (B11)

Lizzie Miller (B11)

Guinevere Wood (M11)

Beatrijs Brenninkmeijer (B12)

Clemmie Brenninkmeijer (B12)

Philippa Jalland (M13)

Philippa Fitzherbert (M13)

Madeline Page (B13)

Claudia Wood (B13)

Hannah Brunskill (B13)

Harriet Hunter (B13)

Isabelle Bourassa (B14)

Catherine O'Brien (B14)

Mary Miller (B14)

Lucy Mather (A14)

Alexandra Neilson-Clark (A14)

Tamara Moon (B14)

Louisa Murray (M15)

Phoebe Johnson-Ferguson (M15)

Eleanor Swinburne (M15)

Monica Dunne (M15)

Josephine Reimer (M15)

Katie Strickland (M15)

Sue Fisher

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