2nd December, 2017 18:15 - 23:00

St Oswald's 90th Anniversary Reunion


Dear Old Boys of St Oswald's,

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to the St Oswald's House Reunion to be held at The Cavalry & Guards Club, 127 Piccadilly, London, W1J 7PX on Saturday 2nd December to celebrate 90 years since St Oswald's House was founded. Mass will begin at 6.15pm at the Cavalry & Guards Club followed by drinks and dinner at 7pm.

The invitation is extended to all those who attended St Oswald's'. Postal invitations and further information will be sent out nearer the time. The dress for the evening is black tie.  I very much hope you can attend the evening and please don’t hesitate to contact me if I can provide any further details.

Very best wishes,

Philippa Jalland (M13)

Ampleforth Society Coordinator

Ampleforth Abbey & College, York YO62 4EY

01439 766884


Confirmed Attendees:

Fr Gabriel Everitt

Fr Henry

Jonathan Cochrane

David Allen (O49)

Robert Constable-Maxwell (O51)

Bernard Mathews (O55)

Julian Fawcett (O56)

John Bridgeman (O56)

Kevin Ryan (O56)

Derek Bird (O57)

Ivan Scott-Lewis (O57)

David Pender-Cudlip (O57)

Kit Constable-Maxwell (O58)

Nicholas North (O61)

Michael Edwards (O62)

Bernard Lewis (O63)

Jonathan Powell (O65)

John Holt (O65)

Michael Coghlan (O66)

David de Chazal (O66)

Charles Sommer (O68)

Martin Whitehead (O68)

Charles Berry (O70)

Sebastian Leslie (O72)

Stephen Mahony (O73)

Crispin Scott (O74)

Charles Bennett (O75)

John Dick (O77)

Nicolas Smith (O78)

Francis Norton (O78)

Julian Dowse (O79)

Simon Griffiths (O80)

Adrian Dewey (O81)

Michael Dick (O83)

Matthew Swainston (O87)

Adrian Gannon (O89)

Joe Vincent (O91)

Timothy Lyes (O98)

Harry Lukas (O99)

George Byrne (O00)

Benedict Phillips (O03)

Jonathan Halliwell (O03)

James Larkin (O03)

Taro Smith (O11)

Michael Hardy (O11)

Laurence Maschio (O11)

Jamie Reid (O11)

Max Bonavia (O11)

Tom Scrope (O12)

John Page (O13)

Sebastian Carter (O13)

Maximilian Toone O13

Luca Gerolla (O16)

Sue Fisher

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