19th June, 2020

The Ampleforth Journal Vol 123


There have been various problems with the publishing of the Ampleforth Journal and so, with the onset of the corona virus, we have decided to publish this issue online now without waiting for the printed edition. Please click here to access Volume 123 of the Ampleforth Journal. 

Adrian Havelock’s account of military peace keeping in Cyprus is complemented by an article by Professor Paul Rogers on peace and security.  Richard Davey writes on helping to keep to the straight and narrow and Fr Henry writes on his experience as a member of ARCIC III.  Annabel Brown of our Lourdes Pilgrimage recounts what it’s like to become housemistress in a school she’s known for years.  Besides news of the Monastery and School there are reviews of the Ampleforth Gradual in English and of the New Testament of the New Revised Jerusalem Bible, Fr Henry’s second reworking of the Jerusalem Bible.  

Thanks for your patience,

In Xto'

Fr Richard.