21st March, 2021

Exploring your Benedictine Life

Ampleforth Society

Exploring your Benedictine Life

“The Rule of St Benedict has been alive and in constant use through all the fifteen hundred years since it was written, and it is enjoying a revival of interest today. This revival is active not only in strictly monastic circles but also among the laity because St Benedict’s message is so closely founded on scripture that it is to a great extent timeless and always relevant to those seeking to live a Christian life.”

Patrick Barry OSB, 1997

There are a wide variety of resources for members of the Ampleforth Society to draw upon to understand how the Benedictine influence in our lives can continue to be nurtured, well beyond time spent at Ampleforth College as a parent or pupil.  Here is our selection of recommended reading for those members of the Society who wish to explore this further:

Saint Benedict’s Rule – Translated by Patrick Barry OSB 

Seeking God: The Way of St Benedict – Esther de Waal 

In Praise of Benedict – Basil Hume OSB 

Wisdom from the Monastery: The Rule of St Benedict for everyday life – ed. Patrick Barry OSB 

Wisdom distilled from the Daily: Living the Rule of St Benedict Today – Joan Chittister 

I Have Seen the Lord: Witnesses of an Encounter with the Risen Christ – The Weave of Manquehue Prayer (including many OAs and monks of Ampleforth)

What is Prayer? – Dunstan Adams OSB

The Way of Benedict – Sr Laurentia Johns OSB

The Way of Paradox – Cyprian Smith OSB 

The Path of Life – Cyprian Smith OSB 

Doing Business with Benedict: The Rule of St Benedict and Business Management – A Conversation – Kit Dollard, Anthony Marrett-Crosby OSB & Timothy Wright OSB

Through the years the Ampleforth Journal has covered many aspects of Catholic and Benedictine life, you can find all back issues of the Journal here: http://www.ampleforthjournal.org

Fr Richard ffield OSB, Ampleforth Society Chaplain, can be contacted at richard@ampleforth.org.uk