11th November, 2020

MBE Awarded to OA Euan Edworthy (C87)


Euan Edworthy (C87) has been awarded the MBE in the 2020 Birthday Honours for Services to UK/Czech relations.

Euan moved to Prague in 1994 and set up Public Relations & Public Affairs firm Best Communications the following year, representing a number of high-profile international businesses for the Central European market ever since. He has worked closely with the Czech government throughout that period and has even represented the country as a cricket international, disappointed though he was by his performance with bat and ball against mighty Austria.

Euan has been involved in a number of charitable causes, the two most notable of them now being landmarks in the city and drew international attention at their opening. In 2004, he launched mainland Europe’s first Speaker’s Corner, and soon after established the Speakers’ Corner Trust, encouraging freedom of expression and public debate in both settled and emerging democracies. In 2014, backed by the British ex-pat community, Euan instigated a project to build a memorial to the 2,507 Czech airmen who flew with the RAF in the Second World War, excelling themselves in the Battle of Britain. The Winged Lion Memorial was unveiled that summer before a large gathering of media and dignitaries, including Sir Nicholas Soames MP and Air Chief Marshal Stuart Peach. For this initiative, he also received the Cross of Merit from the Czech government.

Euan, who has recently moved to a house on the wooded outskirts of Prague, would be delighted to meet any Old Amplefordians visiting the city. He can be contacted at euan.edworthy@bestcg.com.