28th April, 2022

OACC Cricket Tour 2022

Ampleforth Society

The Old Amplefordian Cricket Club (OACC), comprising James Ainscough (H16), Joe Lush (T15), Tom Savill (EW15) Fergus Black (H12), Sam Maclellan (H16), Patrick Faulkner (H11), Kick Douglas (H12), Ollie Greaves (J09), Tom Madden (W05), Matthew Willis (EW12), Joe Ainscough (H12)  Mathew Cockerill (H12), James Lowe, Josh Reid (O12) and Basil Fitzherbert (EW16), are embarking on a tour to Grenada in the Caribbean between 4 - 14 May 2022.

This is the second tour to the Caribbean in the Club’s 125-year history and will see the team compete against some of Grenada’s finest players at some fantastic grounds. The OACC will start their tour against the Prime Minister’s XI in the National Stadium of Grenada, where England crumbled to defeat of the West Indies a little more than a month ago. This is followed by a match against a Trinidad & Tobago touring side, Tribago Leatherback Masters, and a local village side, the Victoria Masters CC. Likely their most challenging match will be against a Junior Murray XI, the ex-West Indian wicketkeeper who score a test match hundred against New Zealand in 1995. The tour will conclude with a match against the Nigel Slinger XI, the OACC host who is an illustrious Old Amplefordian from Trinidad and Grenada.

The OACC would like to thank their sponsors for helping make this tour possible. 1. Abbey Sporting in Rievaulx, Yorkshire, courtesy of Henry Birkett (O15) 2. Plumpton Racecourse in East Sussex 3. CARIB Brewery in Trinidad 4. The Beacon Insurance Company Limited in Trinidad 5. Other supporters: Ministry of Tourism, Lord Francis Stafford (C72).

If you would like to follow the progress of the OACC you can do via their Facebook or Instagram pages. If you would like further information on the upcoming tour, or if you are interested in joined the OACC, please reach out to Patrick Faulkner (H11) - patrickfaulkner92@hotmail.com