30th April, 2020

Providing Food on the Front Line: A Spotlight on OA Simon Denye

Simon Denye

As countries across the world continue to adapt to the implications of COVID-19, we are truly overjoyed to witness so many members of the Society going above and beyond to support those communities most vulnerable during the crisis.

One such individual is Old Amplefordian Simon Denye (J83), VP of Dole Foods, who is currently working tirelessly to provide food to 35 hospitals and impoverished towns across Thailand.

Simon says, ‘In my role as VP of Dole Foods, it was important to me to be able to get out and support the local community. We are doing this in two ways:

Firstly, by helping frontline health workers in hospitals, clinics and old people’s homes with food package donations. We in Dole want to recognize health workers and are using the slogan “superheroes do wear masks.”

Secondly, by helping needy families in the towns near our factories with food give-aways. We bought typical lunch boxes from local Thai vendors, and added some of our healthy fruit products to provide a balanced nutritious meal for families whose bread-winner had lost their job in the COVID-19 crisis. It’s not only the right thing to do but consistent with Dole’s “purpose”, which is to champion a more equitable world.’

A heart-warming initiative indeed; thank you, Simon.