17th September, 2020

Start of Term Update from Ampleforth College

Bolton House

Start of term update from Ampleforth College

Our students are back! The Valley is full of life again and we couldn’t be happier. After five months at home, they all are too – never has a return to school been so longed for by children. Since our excellent GCSE and A level results this summer, we’ve been busy preparing new ways of doing things in a COVID world, making sure that our students can continue to enjoy the usual rich Ampleforth experience but with protective measures in place to keep everyone safe and healthy.   

We are delighted that Years 7 and 8 have now joined us in the Valley and are settled into St Edward's & St Wilfrid's in Hume House. Ampleforth is officially now a College for 11-19 year olds. In other good news, for the first time in 19 years there are students in Bolton House. This wonderful Gilbert Scott building has been completely refurbished and the extremely lucky boys of St Dunstan’s and St Oswald’s are living there in luxury while we review their home in Nevill House as part of our ongoing refurbishment programme. For the time being, St Dunstan’s and St Oswald’s have merged as one House under Housemaster Geoff Thurman, with Fr Henry Wansbrough as House Chaplain.

In our next newsletter, Robin Dyer, the Head, will set out our vision for Ampleforth College and what this means for current students and subsequent generations of Amplefordians.