The Old Amplefordian Cricket Club

The Old Amplefordians have a long history of playing together as a club. First mention is in the 1890s when London Old Amplefordians played at a ground in Wembley. However, the major focus was in the Lancashire catchment area from where many Catholic families sent their boys to the school.

The Club continued to grow and flourish apart from two periods of hibernation during the First and Second World Wars. In 1951 the first Southern Tour was organised and this has become a permanent feature of the Club`s fixture list. Of the opponents then, two survive to this day - The Bluemantles and Old Rossallians. In 1970 the Club was invited to join The Cricketer Cup - a prestigious knockout competition for Old Boys Clubs. 

Today the Club`s fixture list is one of the best and strongest among Old Boys Clubs and is a credit to the hard work and dedication of the many who over the years have devoted time and effort to the Club. The Club welcomes new playing or non-playing members.  Please contact one of the committee for further details.  

Edmund Willis
Hon Secretary
Tel: 0780571977

Oliver Greaves
Hon Fixtures Secretary

Patrick Faulkner
Hon Membership Secretary
Tel: 077722636510