Despite rain for much of the day it did not dampen our spirits and we left the showground well satisfied.

In fact we were delighted to win our own Centenary Trophy for the Points Class again. We presented this trophy to the Beagles show in 2015 and won it the same day. Last year the Eton College Beagles won it and now we have regained it. Throughout the day a single point is awarded to any entry gaining a 1st, 2nd or 3rd place and the winner is the pack with the most points. On both the occasions when we won it was a close finish as the Christ Church & Farley Hill had the same number of points but in such an event the pack with the most 1st places is the winner. It is a good prize to win as it shows consistency of type throughout the day. We tease our good friends the CC&FH by telling them that their success reflects the Ampleforth blood in their pack. Congratulations to Team Ampleforth for a wonderful day.

Un-entered Doghound
2nd Falcon
3rd Farrier

Entered Doghound
Res. Mountain ‘15

Stallion Hound
1st Admiral ‘14

Doghound Couples
2nd Falcon & Farrier

Stallion Hound with Progeny
1st Admiral with Falcon & Farrier

Unentered Bitch
3rd Fountain
Res. Fortune

Entered Bitch
2nd April ‘14

Brood Bitch
Res. Frolic ‘15

Bitch Couples
1st Fountain & Future
3rd Famous & Fortune

Brood Bitch with Progeny
3rd Frolic ’15 with Famous & Future

Bitch Championship
Reserve Champion: April ‘14