OAGS v. Aldeburgh Golf Club -  Saturday 23rd February 2019

Win: OAGS 10 – Aldeburgh GC. 2


The Old Amplefordians turned up to Aldeburgh GC with a young, fresh faced and very strong team. There were twelve players who took part in this year’s fixture against Aldeburgh, many of them playing for the Old Amplefordians and at Aldeburgh for the first time.


The weather was absolutely stunning and the course was in fantastic shape as per usual. The greens were very tricky this year being very quick and difficult to read. There was a slight breeze coming off of the sea but it was nothing to worry about.  The squad was as follows (D for Debut):

Andrew Mangeot 7

James Faulkner 2

Finbarr O'Connor 7

Henry Rowan-Robinson 12

Hugo Barnard (D) 15

Jamie Reid (D) 15

Joe Ainsgough (D) 8

Jonathan Powell 12

Max Bonavia 15

Ollie Coysh (D) 16

Sam Moon 6

Will Theile (D) 8



Will Theile and Joe Ainsgough stepped up to the plate and got the days play off to a start against the experienced pair of Desmond Reeves and David Gilchrist. Although having to hand over a few shots to their opponents Theile and Ainsgough were in control and won the match 4&3.


OAGS 1-0 Aldeburgh GC


Sam Moon and Andrew Mangeot stepped up next having never lost when paired together. A streak that spans 4 years. They were to face a tough pairing of Club Secretary David Wybar and a strong 1 handicapper in Ralph Evans. Moon and Mangeot never got a hold of the game whilst Wybar and Evans took firm control of the match to win 6&4.


OAGS 1-1 Aldeburgh GC


Henry Rowan-Robinson and James Faulkner were next to play against the fearsome pairing of Tim Rowan-Robinson and Patrick Russell. Father vs. Son, this was always going to be a good one. Sadly for Rowan-Robinson senior, it wasn’t his day and junior took bragging rights. 5&4.


OAGS 2-1 Aldeburgh GC


The two tallest members of our team headed off next. Finbarr O’Connor and Jamie Reid pairing up for the first time. They were to face George Gadney and Tig Staveley-Dick. Jamie is probably one of the biggest hitters around when he catches it. This is nicely paired with Finbarr’s accuracy from about anywhere. A very strong pairing and it proved so. 7&6 win.


OAGS 3-1 Aldeburgh GC


Oliver Coysh and Jonathan Powell were to face Philip Hardiman and James Latham on the 17th tee. Oliver Coysh, being on his debut, was rather nervous but showed great form to overcome this with his partner Jonathan Powell. According to Jonathan Powell, Oliver Coysh was outdriving his playing opponent by 90 yards or so! Win for the OAGS. 5&4


OAGS 4-1 Aldeburgh GC


Last off were Hugo Barnard and Max Bonavia facing Charles Russell and Ollie Carr on the 17th tee. Rumours were swirling around the course of Barnard and Bonavia apparently resembling the formidable pair of Fleetwood and Molinari. A 3&2 win for the OA’s.


OAGS 5-1 Aldeburgh GC after the morning session.


The OAGS were treated to a fantastic lunch as per usual by Aldeburgh and the OAGS were very sensible on the liquids front it seems. Aldeburgh sadly had two dropouts in the afternoon which meant Henry Rowan-Robinson had to kindly move over to the Aldeburgh side for the afternoon round. Aldeburgh had a bit of a mountain to climb…



Sam Moon and Henry Rowan Robinson were to face off in a singles match in the afternoon and were to start on the 3rd tee. The match was a heated battle but it eventually finished on the 2nd hole (their 17th) with Rowan-Robinson representing Aldeburgh winning 2&1.


OAGS 5-2 Aldeburgh GC


Will Theile and James Faulkner looked a strong partnership on paper and took on the Club Secretary in David Wybarr and his partner Desmond Reeves starting on the 3rd tee.  What appeared to be a fairly even match until the OA’s broke away and won the match 3&2.


OAGS 6-2 Aldeburgh GC


Finbarr O’Connor and Andrew Mangeot will be representing the OA’s at the Cyril Gray in the near future so it only made sense for them to at least have a round together. A finely tuned duo that was very steady but deadly accurate came away with a victory over Tim Rowan-Robinson and Tig Staveley-Dick starting on the 1st tee.


OAGS 7-2 Aldeburgh GC


Max Bonavia and Jonathan Powell were next up on the 1st tee to face Aldeburgh’s Ollie Carr and James Latham. Max and Jonathan were both on great form and kept great pace as Jonathan was desperate to get back and watch the Welsh beat the English. 3&2 win.


OAGS 8-2 Aldeburgh GC


Jamie Reid and Hugo Barnard took on Philip Hardiman and Charles Russell next. The OAGS has length in Jamie Reid and accuracy and flamboyance through Barnard. The match was eventually won 3&2 by the OAGS.


OAGS 9-2 Aldeburgh GC


Joe Ainsgough and Oliver Coysh were to bring up the tail and Joe Ainsgough was hoping he might get to see what holes 17 and 18 at Aldeburgh looked like. Sadly for Joe he was unable to, having beaten his opposition on the 16th for a 3&2 victory.