Could this be written down in history as an epic turn around for the Ampleforth Old Girls?! I think so! Firstly, not only did they arrive on the pitch with a full team including subs but they also remembered to bring hockey sticks! The team was pretty much an All OA Margaret’s squad with just one loyal St Bede’s girl Catherine Bourassa sticking her ground!

The first five minutes of the game made it seem like the current Ampleforth girls had it in the bag and it would once again be a gruelling game for the OA’s as they not only had to remember the rules of the game but also remember to tackle and win the possession of the ball!

Granted, the OA’s were 1-0 down but if anything that that was just a wake up call! It was evident as the the first half came to an end that the OA’s did want it more, and it was a tie! But this was not the end, and even though Julia Gargan (M14) gave up her hockey stick for a lacrosse stick at University she clearly had not forgotten how to score. Soon, the OA’s were 2-1 up and for once the OAs could see the O’Kelly trophy in their sight!

The game grew far more intense as the OA’s were giving away short corners as if there was no tomorrow. Yet, there was an incredible line of defence, and furthermore, Tara Vaughan (M10) possibly did the best saves she had ever done, like ever. (Literal quote from JJ Owen.) Despite her saying it was just because she did not want to get hit in the face, we knew her hockey instincts were still in her somewhere!

And there you have it, in October 2016, the OA girls came, saw and conquered as they dominated and took what was rightfully theirs the O’Kelly Trophy!

We would all like to thank JJ and the current Ampleforth teams for a brilliant game and good luck for the rest of the season!

Until next year.