The Alban Roe project is a Community Volunteering Scheme open to Year 12 Students as a weekly activity.  They commit to one placement, each week, for a minimum of one term to help and serve people in the local community. 

Placements range from helping young children learn in a primary school, working in a charity shop or keeping an elderly person company in an old people's home.  The aim of the scheme is to enable our students to perform acts of service with a range of people that they may not otherwise meet and to grow in confidence in a variety of social settings.

The scheme was set up in 2009 and has become very popular with students who like to contribute, enjoy getting off campus, and are keen to broaden their horizons.  As they work in pairs, it is companionable and a shared experience.  

How much time do students need to give?

  • Volunteers will give an initial commitment of ten weeks approximately 2 hrs per week on a Monday afternoon. This will count as one of their timetabled activities.
  • At the end of the ten weeks there will be an evaluation when students can decide whether to continue into the Spring term or end their commitment at this point.
  • The decision will be respected and the length of time they have given will be valued and recognised by the school.