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Learning Support

The Learning Hub is at the heart of the College. Our team offers dedicated support to all pupils, whatever their learning needs, from those who visit regularly to those who come for short bursts of targeted support.

In the Learning Hub, pupils find a welcoming place where they can expect understanding, expertise, and support from our experienced team. It is a place of quiet study and a wealth of resources, where pupils come not only for academic help, but sometimes, just to touch base and share what's going on in their day.

We have a pupil-centred approach. We build a holistic picture of each pupil so we can provide individualised support, allowing every pupil the opportunity to reach their potential. In addition to using assessments, we gather pupils' thoughts and opinions, liaise with teaching and pastoral staff, and include the views of parents in developing strategies which both address pupils' challenges and enable them to forge ahead in areas of strength. 

Our strong links with House teams means that learning is supported from the classroom and into the boarding houses. We know how important it is that pupils feel there is understanding and support in every aspect of their lives at the College.

The Benedictine Values of our school inform and inspire us to support the weak and give the strong something to strive for. The Learning Hub is a living embodiment of this sentiment, and our strength is in the warmth of our welcome and active care for each individual student.

Leaders and staff are committed to ensuring that children flourish in this school


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