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Our Combined Cadet Force offers a range of challenging, exciting, adventurous and educational activities designed to develop self-discipline, personal responsibility, leadership, and a sense of service to the community. This helps give pupils the skills and self-confidence to take charge of their lives so they can reach their full potential at school and beyond.

Ampleforth runs Army and Royal Air Force CCF Sections which are both very popular and have an excellent reputation. 

The CCF meets for training every Friday afternoon and also frequently trains and undertakes activities at the weekend locally and on the North Yorkshire Moors with the focus on fieldcraft and self-reliance. We offer opportunities for adventure training and leadership courses as well as summer camps, including expeditions to Borneo and Nepal. The CCF competes in regional and national competitions. RAF section cadets also have opportunities to fly. 

There are various promotion opportunities, culminating in our top cadets competing for selection of the Senior Under Officer (the best cadet) in the Nulli Secundus (Second to None) Competition. 

Our CCF has high standards and a strong team spirit, comradeship, and trust. We focus on building courage, self-discipline, respect for others, integrity, loyalty and commitment, as well as developing effective communication skills, confidence, being part of a team with a winning spirit and a sense of pride and achievement. 

We give all cadets the opportunity to develop their abilities fully, whilst emphasising their responsibility to others and to the Corps. We expect all our cadets to operate as members of a close-knit community, where trust, cohesion and teamwork are decisive factors in our success. We rely on leadership at all levels and the effective contribution of every cadet to achieve this.

The chance to experience the rhythm of military life, especially with such exceptional soldiers was one which will stay with me for the rest of my life.

Alex, CCF Cadet, expedition to Borneo 


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