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Strength & Conditioning

Strength and Conditioning is an essential element for the physical preparation of athletes. 

It allows a higher level of sports performance and reduce the risk of injury. Ampleforth College offers a well-rounded, comprehensive programme that covers a strength element that encompasses progressive overload and a conditioning element that allows for hard work.

The primary aim of our Strength and Conditioning programme is to educate, develop and improve our students in a safe environment. This is done through a compulsory session for all A team and 1st team players and through our sports development programme with PE lessons.

Each individual session will help athletes to perform and cope better with the stresses of their sport. The provision of Strength and Conditioning at Ampleforth College is available to all students and includes a full programme of morning and after school sessions. We believe it is a vital element in enhancing our sporting performance and developing a lifelong attitude towards health and wellbeing. 

Strength and conditioning sessions are run in our specialist High Performance Suite.

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