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A   C o m p a s s
f o r   L i f e

Co-educational - Catholic - Boarding & Day

"Listen with the ear of your heart" St Benedict

At Ampleforth College, we educate the whole child, mind, body, and spirit. Every child is a gift and getting to know them well, supporting and encouraging them to flourish as individuals and bring their own unique attributes to our community and the world beyond, is central to our mission.


Music is at the heart of Ampleforth, above all in the Abbey Church, but also all around the campus and beyond. Over the years an ever-widening diversity of instrumental and choral music has developed, and more recently that experience has been shared with children and adults beyond the valley.

Performing Arts

The Drama Department is a living, breathing organism at Ampleforth. A flurry with actors, directors, dancers, technicians, stage managers, artists and academics, there is something for everybody here.


Ampleforth's long tradition of sporting excellence gives us the experience required to maximise every student’s potential, regardless of the level of sport they play. To help achieve this, we offer outstanding facilities, regular contact time with each student, and an exceptional team of coaches.


Ampleforth promotes academic excellence by finding the best in every pupil. We encourage each student to realise their full academic potential, to have high expectations of themselves and to work hard to realise those ambitions in a supportive environment. This challenge is created by a full, comprehensive range of subjects, high calibre teaching and first-class facilities for learning.

Latest News

    Ampleforth is a Community

    Our welcoming community, rooted in Benedictine principles, cherishes each individual’s unique contribution and transforms us into better people through our shared life together and our service to each other. 


    Recognising and nurturing the unique talents of every individual and oneself, understanding that we grow and learn from our differences and are made a better person by each other.


    Committing to live in such a way as to be welcoming and open to all, and to invite people to experience living life more fully in our community.


    Being sensitive to the needs of others as well as one’s own needs and supporting the mutual well-being of everyone in the community; wanting what is best for each other.


    Nurturing the well-being and resilience of each individual and one’s own, and thereby of the community, to achieve mental and emotional balance and personal fulfilment.


    Cultivating a sense of responsibility and care for the people and the world around us, as well as oneself, to ensure our community and environment thrive.


    Developing within ourselves strong principles, sound judgement, and the resilience needed to do the right thing.

    A Compass for Life

    Full Boarding & Day School for students aged 11 to 18