Catholic Educators

At Ampleforth, we pride ourselves on being Catholic educators.  We are not simply aware of our responsibility in this regard, but able to integrate it into everything we do, whether we are Catholic or not.

Catholic Education is driven by a spiritual understanding of the human person.

The spirit means:

  • the unique centre of a person on which everything else is predicated.
  • Therefore, it is the place where:
    • the very best of a person can be found
    •  and who a person is, uniquely.
  • Catholic Education seeks to:
    • recognise both these things,
    •  and to draw them out as a way of encouraging growth and formation.

What you need to do this:

  • The right environment
  • and the right relationships.

How we do this in a Benedictine Way:

  • We have a deep respect for place, and the place where this takes place, where people feel both:
    • Cherished
    • and inspired.
  • Belonging to a community of enduring relationships.

How does this work?

Through the three tables characterised by the Benedictine Core Values:

  • Community – where recognition of who a person is takes place
  • Faith - where recognition of the value of a person takes place
  • Scholarship – where these are drawn out by the opportunities there are to discover the world and to take responsibility for it.

Ampleforth celebrates our students flourishing through the enduring value and contribution of catholic education as a service to the church and the world.

Fr Ambrose Henley OSB