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Pastoral Care

The staff at Ampleforth know my children really well. The encouragement and support for every child in their care is outstanding and sets Ampleforth apart from other schools

John Shipsey, Parent

Every child is a gift, and the pastoral care of all Amplefordians is at the heart of our mission.  From the moment that a child joins us, they have the support of a dedicated team of professionals, based on their House, but also including the College’s Lay Chaplaincy, Infirmary, Counselling Team, and Safeguarding Team.  

Pastoral care at Ampleforth is based around encounter, that we meet everyone as Christ, and endeavour to do everything in our power to enable them to flourish as an individual, and bring their own unique attributes to our community and the world beyond.  

Healthy and trusting relationships are the foundation of our care, so that each child has the confidence to seek support when they need it, but also to be equipped to learn and grow from mistakes and setbacks, and to flourish as an individual made in God’s image.  

The core team around each child is their Housemaster or Housemistress, the Assistant, the Tutor, the House Matron and the House Chaplain.  However, every staff member at Ampleforth has pastoral care at the heart of their role, whether in the classroom, in sports and activities and in the creative arts.  In line with Pope Francis’s teaching, The College views Pastoral care at its best as a partnership between the College and the home, wherever in the world that might be. 

The pastoral care offered by the college is outstanding

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