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Big Walk 2024

Sponsor our students as they undertake a gruelling 78 km walk in 24 hours, all to raise funds for our friends at Oak Field School in Nottingham!

On 18 May 2024, 30 Ampleforth College students and staff will take on a gruelling 24-hour walk, through the night, from Whitby to Ampleforth, to encourage you to sponsor them so they can provide the students at Oakfield school with a social experience alongside our students. Additional funds will then be donated to Oakfield school to be spent on equipment for their school.

For almost 20 years the Friendship Project (formerly known as the Friendship Holiday) has been an incredible partnership between the students of Ampleforth College and pupils at Oakfield School in Nottingham, a school for children with physical and/or learning disabilities. The Year 12 Friendship Project students at Ampleforth are passionate about helping their friends at Oakfield to have experiences and support that wouldn’t be possible without the funds we raise each year. Activities we raise money for include a joint outing in the summer term, this year to Alton Towers. 

Please support our students to extend this meaningful hand of friendship this year and help us create fantastic opportunities for our friends at Oakfield School. Thank you.

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