"To run, or not to run: this is not a question. The answer is always: ‘Run.’ Whether you run triumphantly into sunlight from a piece of well received prep, or into the rain, after you failed miserably at obtaining a goal so desired, the run will be there for you. All stresses, all deadlines and all worries melt away before the single activity: ‘Run.’
I do not think that I could survive a week in Ampleforth without running, as a team sport, as a challenge and as a stress reliever, it is the part of the week I look forward to most". – Ethan (13)
Other Sports

We offer over twenty-five different sports to ensure a varied and exciting programme which all students can enjoy.

  • Squash

    Our main winter racket sport is squash, though we do offer badminton as a recreational rather than fixture led sport.

    Squash boasts three senior teams, the first team in 2014/15 boasting of an unbeaten season in 20 matches.  Our participation rates are amongst the highest in the school for team play as we encourage every player to represent the school in matches, through organising a range of standards. Our first and second team play regular fixtures against schools and local clubs. We hold an annual house competition where rugby players compete in the name of their house, as well as an annual individual tournament to find the best squash player.

    Squash is also played as an activity in the evening to enable everyone who wishes to learn squash the chance even if they have chosen another sport. Many students like to improve their squash as it can become a life long hobby and one they can easily pick up at university or after in the work place.

  • Swimming

    Ampleforth College Swimming Club believes in developing and nurturing swimmers of all ages and abilities, in a friendly environment, where mutual respect and trust are core values of our philosophy.  All students and staff are given the opportunity to join the club and develop their individual skills in a caring team environment.  School coaches assess and manage every participant as a crucial individual in the aquatic team.  Training sessions are kept interesting and varied so as to maintain concentration and effort levels whilst developing a sense of team spirit and belonging, whatever the standard.  Such training allows for differentiation of all abilities and inclusion in inter school matches at all levels.  Records are maintained for short and long distance events and aquatic sports range from racing to survival swimming, synchronised swimming and water polo.

  • Rounders

    Rounders is a very popular summer term sport for girls. We run four teams – U14, U15 and two senior teams. Matches are held every Saturday against other schools.

  • Athletics

    The school has a 6 lane, 400 metre track and good facilities for all the throwing events and jumping events.

    The inter-school athletics takes place in the summer term, when a senior boys' and intermediate boys' as well as a senior girls' and intermediate girls' team compete against other schools.  The school has a fine record in the North-Eastern HMC athletics meeting.

    There is an athletics meet held annually when the houses compete for the junior and senior athletics cups.  The meet is traditionally closed with a 32 by 200 metre relay- quite a spectacle to finish this hotly competed event.

  • Golf

    The school has a beautiful 9 hole golf course situated on the Gilling site.  Students have the opportunity to play golf on most days of the week.

    The school runs a Golf VIII that plays against other schools and clubs.  The highlight of the season is the match against the Old Amplefordian Golf club, played annually at Ganton golf course.

    There are also several House golf competitions played throughout the year.

  • Cross Country

    The school has a long and proud tradition in cross country running.  We have four courses that take runners into wooded areas up and down hills and are a real challenge for runners of any ability.  The school cross country season occurs in the Lent term, when we run 2 senior boys' sides and girls' team and a junior boys' team.

    The school also take part in a House cross country event on the Lent term.  There are four races and the event sees over 400 of the school taking part. 

    We also have the ‘Ampleforth Run’, a slightly longer course where House teams and a staff team compete for the trophy.

  • Cycling

    Ampleforth College sits well within a valley with many quiet roads for training. Taking in some of the area's stunning views whilst providing a safe environment for road cycling offering climbs and fast flats. York Sport Cycling Track and Velodrome is on the doorstep to Ampleforth as a further training facility to develop speed skills whilst remaining traffic free.

    Ampleforth College offers students and staff riders the opportunity to purchase school cycling kit to wear whilst training or racing