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End of Public Exams

Sadly, the terrible weekend weather meant that even Ampleforth and Barnie Castle who will play in wellie boots, if possible, had to cancel sports fixtures! 

We are looking forward to the Emeriti Schools' Cricket Festival this weekend and the ever-popular Worsley Cup next week - let's hope the weather holds out.

Today marked two special events here in the Valley.  It was the end of public exams for our students, who have worked tirelessly to do their very best in all their studies, bringing our academic focus summer term to a good end. I am delighted by the response of the other year groups in supporting the two Public Examination groups-and getting on with their own studies. I congratulate the Leavers and the Year 11s and look forward to seeing the fruit of their hard work on results days over the summer. For those who are leaving the Valley, I wish them all the very best for their future endeavours.  Today, we also embraced our final 'disconnect to reconnect' day where students handed in their mobile phones and iPads for the day and enjoyed some quiet time - perfect timing before the whole school trip to Flamingo Land on Sunday which promises to be anything but quiet!

Tomorrow, Edward Seymour will be hosting a 'Come and Sing' one-day choral workshop. You are warmly invited to join us at 10am in the Performing Arts Centre for rehearsals throughout the day before a performance of Haydn's Nelson Mass in the Abbey Church - we look forward to an uplifting day sharing beautiful music.

Next week will see a group of Year 12 students head off on the Friendship Holiday to Oakfield School for children with physical and/or learning difficulties in Nottingham, where they will use the funds they have worked so hard to raise to take the students on a number of excursions.  It is also Service and Skills week for Year 12 who will be taking part in various activities, helpful both for others and for themselves, across the valley and beyond. A great way to mark the last week of the academic year.

All best wishes,


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