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Christian Theology

Our Christian Theology department’s mission statement Fides Quaerens Intellectum’ (Faith Seeking Understanding) reflects on the close relationship between faith and human reason. All students at Ampleforth College study Christian Theology. Our mission flows from the Bishop's vision to 'to make Christ known and loved through the provision of excellent Catholic education, intent on finding Christ in their daily lives and sharing that encounter with others.'

We draw our inspiration from the Gospel and the tradition and rule of St Benedict. We strive to honour God by faith, which is of the mind, by hope, which is of the will and by love, which is of the heart. We prepare students, body and soul, for this life and the life to come. We engage with the deepest questions of faith, life, truth and hope. The Christian Theology Department aims for academic excellence, demanding disciplined study, critical reflection and analysis of perceptions, opinions, values and beliefs. We aim to ensure that students are philosophically, religiously, morally and socially engaged.

At Ampleforth College, the call to grow in virtue and discover the value and the purpose of life is carried out by entering into a transforming encounter with Christ through active participation in a Catholic Benedictine Community. The power of an Ampleforth Catholic Education is that it is lived and shared. We imitate Christ to help us grow and flourish in holiness and we cherish the unique gift of every person. We believe Christ teaches us to learn prudence of the spirit, by which we perfect our use of reason through humility. We learn justice, by which we give to every person their due. Fortitude, which prepares us to endure all things with a steadfast heart for the sake of God and eternal happiness. And finally, temperance through which we develop commitment, discipline and self-mastery.

All students throughout Key Stage 3 study Christian Theology six periods a fortnight. They study topics such as how Catholics worship and celebrate the Catholic Faith, how human persons ought to be treated and the role of the Church in the world.

At GCSE, students study Christian Theology six periods a fortnight. We follow the AQA Religious Studies Route B. This includes the teaching of Roman Catholicism (50%), Judaism (25%) and Themes (25%). Results have traditionally been very strong.

At A Level, we offer the OCR Religious Studies which includes three components: Philosophy of Religion, Religion and Ethics and Development in Christian Thought (Theology) which is studied twelve periods a fortnight. This is a popular A level subject with strong results traditionally. The sixth form Core Christian Theology course is provided for all students in Y12 and Y13. It is a bespoke course and is delivered by subject specialists to a high academic standard with opportunities for social, moral and spiritual development.

Many of our sixth form students go on to read Theology or Philosophy at University.  There is the opportunity to study with the world-class theologian Fr Henry Wansbrough in the extra-curricular Newman Group, join the very popular Aquinas Society, get involved in the Ampleforth Latin Mass Association (ALMA), compete in one of the department’s debating teams, enjoy a trip to the Holy Land and much more.

'The love of Christ must come before all else. Rule of St Benedict

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