Ampleforth promotes academic excellence by finding the best in every pupil. We encourage each student to realise their full academic potential, to have high expectations of themselves and to work hard to realise those ambitions in a supportive environment. This challenge is created by a full, comprehensive range of subjects, high calibre teaching and first-class facilities for learning.

We pride ourselves on fostering a passion for learning in every student and bringing out the potential in each student. Our objective is to enrich and stretch learning at every available opportunity. Every student, regardless of ability, is challenged, supported and nurtured at all stages of their school career.

We achieve academic excellence through building our students’ interest in the world around them, confidence to be curious and ask questions, and encouragement to be the best they can be.

Our Academic Scholars are valued members of the school community. They are under the guidance of the Head of Academic Scholars who is responsible not only for their progress, but also ensuring they are stretched academically.

Ampleforth offers support for students with specific learnings difficulties. Support is offered within the curriculum by a combination of individual tuition, general academic counselling and the teaching of study-skills for specific challenges. Please see learning support for more details.

Each student has a tutor who is principally responsible for monitoring and supporting their academic progress. A weekly tutorial period offers an opportunity to cover helpful topics such as revision techniques, public exam preparation or careers advice. Tutors can be contacted directly should parents wish to discuss academic matters, including academic career planning.

"Here at Ampleforth, I truly enjoy learning. The lessons are engaging and my teachers are always so kind and patient, making the classroom a fun and happy place to be" Clara, St Aidan's 

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