Sixth Form

Sixth Form at Ampleforth College

As well as offering a wide range of academic A levels, we are now in our fourth year of offering BTECs – while timetabled in exactly the same way as A levels, these courses offer a practical way of learning-by-doing, and are ideal for a young person who prefers regular assessment to exams and who wants a course of study which is more vocational. Students can choose a full programme of BTECs or, more typically, a combination of BTECs and A levels.

Students can choose from a wide range of subjects - full descriptions of each are in the Sixth Form Options Booklet below:

Ancient History
Computer Science
Christian Theology (RS)
Design & Technology
English Literature
Modern Foreign Languages (French, German, Spanish)
Mathematics (and Further Mathematics)
Physical Education
Theatre Studies
BTEC Countryside Management
BTEC Enterprise and Entrepreneurship
BTEC Hospitality

The subjects are arranged in option blocks.  We do everything we can to allow for all likely preferences, but occasionally some subject combinations are not possible so the Option Blocks need to be checked before choosing.  Only one subject can be taken in a option block. 

Students should choose three subjects, but may choose a fourth if there are good reasons for doing so, for example they want to test a couple of subjects before making a choice between them.  

Block ABlock BBlock CBlock D
BTEC HospitalityArt BTEC Countryside ManagementAncient History
EconomicsBusinessChristian TheologyBiology
GeographyChemistryComputer Science BTEC Enterprise & Entrepreneurship
HistoryChristian TheologyFrenchEconomics
Latin Design & TechnologyMathematicsEnglish Literature
Music  PsychologyGreek
Politics  Mathematics & Further Maths
Theatre Studies   Politics


 1. Students should only choose both A-Level Business and BTEC Enterprise & Entrepreneurship if they are taking four subjects and they are likely to drop one of the two, because universities often won’t accept this combination.

 2. If you want to choose Further Mathematics

 (a) You must choose 'Mathematics and Further Mathematics' in Block D (there will be further lessons for this option outside the Option blocks).

 (b) For your other choices you should leave either Block A or C empty: this is in case you decide to drop Further Maths, and need then to swap to single Mathematics in one of those two blocks.

In addition to the core subjects, students have on their timetable fortnightly Careers Lectures, weekly sessions of Christian Living (Ampleforth’s highly praised model of RSHE), and those not doing A level Christian Theology (Religious Studies) follow a weekly course of Core CT. The school also offers a full extra programme of EAL lessons for those students who require it.

There is also a constant programme of enrichment opportunities: departmental clubs and societies, internal and external competitions, lectures, and Extended Project Qualifications (EPQs).