The Science department at Ampleforth aims to develop a love of Science in our students and also to equip them for life in a society that is increasingly influenced and affected by scientific advances. All of our students are encouraged to develop a scientific curiosity and investigative approach to the subject.

Science is studied by all students up to Year 11 and so we aim to make Biology, Chemistry and Physics accessible and interesting to all including those who will not go on to study A levels. All students, no matter what their ability, will be taught by enthusiastic teachers with a genuine passion for their subjects. Science is taught within the department as Biology, Chemistry and Physics from Year 9 onwards. This gives us the scope to stretch and challenge our students and provide a broad scientific education that will equip them for life in the twenty first century with all its scientific challenges. 

The Science department is housed in the purpose-built Bamford Centre.  The department has three main teaching areas; Biology, Chemistry and Physics, each of which has its own suite of three major teaching laboratories and a sixth form project room.  All laboratories are served by a large central preparation room.  In addition, there is a dedicated Science department computer suite.  All laboratories have computing facilities linked to the College network and internet and all benefit from data projectors.

There are three Heads of Subject - Biology, Chemistry and Physics who work together as joint Heads of Science to develop an overall strategy for science teaching at the College. 

Overall aims of the department: 
  • To develop an awareness and enjoyment of a range of aspects of Science among all students and to foster an awareness and appreciation of Science among the Staff and parents of our students.
  • To prepare all students for their role in society by developing an awareness of the social, moral, economic, environmental and aesthetic implications of Science. 
  • To encourage each student to use scientific method and philosophy as part of their journey towards a joyful, free and self-disciplined life of faith and virtue. 
  • To develop an awareness and enjoyment of a range of aspects of Science among all students.
  • To encourage all students to develop their understanding of Science to the limit of their potential.
  • To develop students’ potential to analyse problems, research and evaluate information logically and critically. To produce practical solutions, to evaluate their own solutions and to communicate their ideas effectively with others.
  • To develop staff expertise in order to ensure the highest possible standards of teaching and learning.