Here at the College, 25% of our students are day students, all of whom travel in each morning from local areas around Ampleforth. 

Day students join a boarding house and become a part of that community in much the same way as their house siblings who board. New day students are encouraged to board on an extended taster free of charge for the first three weeks of the autumn term so that they have the opportunity to become fully integrated into the life of the school and the house community.

We also recognise that with the range of wonderful after-school activities on offer, having the option to board for occasional nights can be of great help and convenience. By arranging this with their housemaster or housemistress, for which there is a nightly charge (currently £50), our day students can cater this around their own schedule.

Ampleforth is a full boarding school, with a vibrant and busy atmosphere at all times of the school term. For this reason we do not offer flexi-boarding, as we believe it's important that our students are always surrounded by fellow boarders. Weekends at Ampleforth are fun-filled, with many opportunities for trips, activities and spending time with friends. Day students are welcome to stay at school every evening, which means that they can do prep and participate in activities with the boarders. 

We collect and drop off our students at numerous destinations, as featured on the map below. If you have a specific query or would like to find out more about our day student travel service, such as times, prices or routes, please contact our Admissions Team who will be happy to assist you.