Sport forms an integral part of a child’s development whilst at Ampleforth College. 

This is achieved through providing a sports programme that has a positive influence on all ages and all abilities and instils a life-long passion for sport and physical activity.  Our aim is to develop every child’s interest, passion and performance in sport, from aspiring internationals to those who chose physical activity as part of a healthy lifestyle.  

Our long tradition of sporting excellence gives us the experience required to maximise every student’s potential, regardless of the level of sport that they play. To help us achieve this, we offer outstanding facilities, regular contact time with each student and an exceptional team of coaches. Our coaches are comprised of former international sportsmen and women, professional coaches, staff solely dedicated to the running of our school sport, and committed academic staff. This level of support guarantees the best possible environment for every student to develop their skills, including the very elite. 

Ampleforth offers a wide variety of sports and activities, and an ever-increasing number of teams that represent the College at all levels. Our programme is based around team and individual sports, providing pupils with countless opportunities to represent the College. Each term students are encouraged to participate in our ‘skyscraper sports’, these comprise of: rugby, hockey, netball, cricket and tennis. In the same way a city is recognised and defined by its skyline, we refer to our five core sports as ‘skyscraper sports’. These are what we continue to develop and excel at and what we believe Ampleforth is recognised for on a national and international level.  

Whilst representing Ampleforth at competitive sport is considered an honour and a privilege for our students, we recognise that it is not necessarily the right pathway for all students. For these students we provide opportunities to pursue alternative sports and activities as detailed below:      

During the Michaelmas Term boys’ rugby and girls’ hockey are the skyscraper sports. Those students not selected to represent the school at hockey and rugby are offered the opportunity to participate in the following activities: cross-country, squash, country sports, aerobics, multi-sports, dance, yoga, golf, fencing and swimming. There is also gym rehabilitation for any injured / recovering students.  

During the Lent Term boys’ hockey, boys’ rugby sevens and girls’ netball are the skyscraper sports. Those students not selected to represent the school at hockey, rugby and netball are offered the opportunity to participate in the following activities: football, cross-country, squash, country sports, spinning, racquets, dance, yoga, golf, fencing and swimming.

During the Summer Term both girls' and boys' cricket and tennis are the skyscraper sports. Those students not selected to represent the school at cricket and tennis are offered the opportunity to participate in the following activities: athletics, country sports, boot-camp, dance, yoga, golf, fencing and water polo. Again, there is also gym rehabilitation for any injured / recovering students.   

As well as organising prestigious fixtures against other schools, we have an integral programme of inter-house sport, enabling all pupils to experience competitive sport on a regular basis. 

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