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English as an Additional Language

All pupils accepted for entry must be able to manage the normal academic curriculum of the school; however, we do provide support for those for whom English is not their first language through both timetabled and (where necessary) private 1-1 lessons.

The primary aim of the EAL department is to develop the pupils' proficiency in English to the highest possible standard by:

  • Following a comprehensive course of study in all four skills: reading, speaking, listening, writing.
  • Helping pupils to become independent learners in possession of knowledge and skills which will offer enrichment in their personal and professional lives.
  • Facilitating their integration into the wider life of the school.
  • Helping them to develop understanding of and sensitivity towards the society in which they now live.
  • Gaining an internationally recognised EAL or English qualification.
  • Taking the IELTS examination in the Sixth Form in order to be able to apply to a British University.

There is no extra charge for EAL lessons in Years 7 - 11. However, in Year 12 and 13 we do make an extra charge as these classes are in addition to the normal curriculum offered by the College. It is also possible to take a paid for private individual EAL lesson with an EAL specialist teacher if it is felt this will benefit the student.

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