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Every pupil has a Tutor assigned to them. Tutors are members of a particular boarding house team and have responsibility for between 6 to 10 pupils from a particular year group in that house. They oversee the pupils' academic progress to ensure that each is making the most of their potential. At Ampleforth, whilst most of our Tutors are subject teachers, they are not solely focused on the academic side of life. People only flourish when they are happy and Tutors work to support their tutees in all aspects of their lives. 

Tutors meet their tutees individually and as a group weekly to check in on progress. They are often on duty in house in the evenings to help with prep and offer an open door for those in need of some support. They also regularly eat lunch with their house which is a good opportunity to hear how their tutees' day is going. This dual role as academic mentor and pastoral guide, in the classroom and in the house, allows Tutors to develop strong and enduring relationships with their tutees. The warmth of these relationships is often remarked on by visitors and remembered long after the pupil has left the College. 

Every half-term, Tutors write to parents reflecting on the effort grades awarded to their child and provide a more fulsome report at the end of term. 

The culture of high aspirations for all staff and pupils is palpable


A Compass for Life

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