Years 7 & 8

Years 7 and 8 follow a broad and academically challenging curriculum designed to lay strong foundations for GSCEs. We prepare our pupils to start Year 9 equipped with essential skills, able to organise themselves and take responsibility for their own learning. Pupils are taught by specialist subject teachers in Mathematics, English, Design and Technology, French, Latin, Art, Drama, Music, Physical Education, IT, History, Geography, Christian Theology and the Sciences.

Our Christian Living programme includes citizenship, wellbeing, and British values. It ties in closely with our Deanery system, promoting the ideas of respect, service, wanting what is best for each other, and taking responsibility for the world around us.

As our studies are not focused on Common Entrance, learning is not constrained by an exam-led syllabus. There is time to go beyond mastering the required knowledge and skills, to explore subjects more deeply and feed curious minds.

Academic enrichment is fostered through opportunities to take part in both internal and external competitions, visits, talks and additional activities. We make the most of our beautiful environment to continue learning outside the classroom as often as possible and enjoy the wonders of nature. The journey towards independent thinking, learning and coping begins in Years 7 and 8. With the support and encouragement of teachers, pupils begin to engage in critical thinking and problem-solving, to confidently articulate their thoughts and ideas, and develop resilience. Our pupils are inspired to have a lifelong love of learning.

The St Laurence Certificate

All Years 7 and 8 pupils work towards the St Laurence Certificate which is completed at the end of Year 8 when pupils showcase their best work and achievements including musical performances, art and Prize Projects. The certificate is highly sought after and is assessed through contribution and effort in our general curriculum and in three additional areas:

  • Lyceum: A programme of visiting speakers from all walks of life and academic disciplines engaging pupils in a diverse range of topics.
  • Prize Project Competition: Pupils explore a personal area of interest over several weeks, working independently to research and complete their projects before presenting them to their peers and a panel of judges. They are evaluated on planning and organisation as well as their response to the judges’ questions.
  • Debate: Discussion sessions on current events with additional reading sometimes led by and always encouraged by Tutors.