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Our School

We chose Ampleforth because we wanted our four children to have a genuine enthusiasm for learning and be given the confidence to see the wider world with empathy and curiosity.

Lucia and Mark Bridgeman, current parents

Ampleforth offers a Compass for Life.

We educate the whole person, enabling each student to discover their interests and strengths, fulfil their academic potential, and learn what they can contribute to the world.

Our welcoming community, rooted in Benedictine values, cherishes each individual’s unique contribution and transforms us into better people through our shared life together and our service to each other. 

Students learn how to think independently, express themselves, and have the confidence to lead, while being compassionate and working well with others. Equipped with the skills and mindset needed to flourish, they are inspired to be thoughtful, courageous, and proactive members of society.

A Compass for Life

Full Boarding & Day School for students aged 11 to 18